Fundraising ideas for National Pyjama Day 2020

Put the FUN back in FUNdraising with this list of activities for National Pyjama Day 2020!

National Pyjama Day is fast approaching, and we are so excited to see so many individuals and groups setting up their fundraising pages on the site!

This is an essential first step, but after you've set up your page and your goal, you might be wondering how you can actually go about gathering those funds. This year presents some extra challenges, as we're still unsure how long social distancing measures and restrictions will be in place for. Well, fear not - we've been brainstorming some ways for you to raise that cash, from the comfort of your couch!

First Step: Planning

Who are your supporters?

This is about identifying who is likely to support you. It could be your family members, school friends, work colleagues, or all of the above. It never hurts to reach out ask these people whether they'd consider donating some money to you - even if it's just $5. Otherwise, make sure they are able to keep up to date with regular posts on your social media.

Why should they donate?

For some people, the cause will really resonate with them, and explaining why you feel passionately about raising this money for kids in care will motivate them to donate. Other people might just want to encourage you to continue with whatever challenges you're doing. Some fundraisers allow their supporters to "buy" challenges (e.g., if someone donates $50 to my campaign, I will post a new video of me dancing in my PJ's). Get creative and motivate your supporters!

What are the results?

Make sure you are consistently keeping all your supporters up to date with your campaign. This can include updates on how much money you've raised, a thank you to your supporters, and posts of the activities you're participating in. The goal is just to keep your campaign efforts at the front of everyone's minds to make sure they have plenty of opportunities to donate!


We've compiled a list of activities that you might want to do as part of your fundraising campaign. You can do as many of them as you like, or something totally different - it's all up to you!

Since we've been practicing social distancing for a while in most of Australia, we're starting off with some ideas that are isolation friendly.

  • Tiktok dance challenge

If you've already got Tiktok, you'll know how many viral dance trends are around! This one is pretty easy: all you need to do is scroll through Tiktok until you find a dance to replicate, and do it in your PJs! If you're feeling brave or you have some dance skills, you could even create your own dance. Make sure to tag us @thepyjamafoundation and use the hashtag #inmyPJs.

  • LIVE videos on Instagram or Facebook

This is a great way for everyone on your socials to get involved! While it could be easy for people to miss a post or story, everyone that follows you will be notified when you start a live video, meaning you'll maximize your reach!

What you do on the live is up to you, but it's probably a good idea to plan ahead. Write up a post ahead of time explaining what you'll be doing and why. You could show off some skills you've been practicing in isolation, like a new musical instrument or a yoga routine.

  • Virtual Pyjama Party

While previous years might have seen us hosting Pyjama Parties with all our pals, social distancing might make that a bit hard this year. Solution: VIRTUAL Pyjama Party. Invite all your friends onto your video chatting app of choice, such as Zoom, Houseparty, or just a good all Facebook messenger video chat. You could decide to all order pizzas and play a shared playlist for ultimate pyjama party vibes.

  • Zoom in your PJ's

Whether you're at work or school, this one is sure to get everyone's attention! Rock up on everyone else screens with your beanie and onesie and wait for them to ask what on earth you're wearing - which is a great opportunity for you to explain that you're wearing your PJs for National Pyjama Day and ask if they'd be able to donate! One important part of good fundraising is to start a conversation with people about what motivates you - and this is a great way to do just that.

Other options:

There's also a good chance that restrictions will be eased back even further by the time you want to hold your fundraiser. Remember to check in with your local/state regulations to make sure you follow the rules!

  • Local park PJ adventures

Grab your family and head on down to your local park in your PJ's! You could get some great pictures for your social media updates here - think skateboarding in PJ's, playground in PJ's, playing basketball in PJ's... the list is endless!

  • Quiz night at home

This one definitely requires a bit more planning, but it has the potential to really rake in the donations! Invite your pals over for a quiz night, create some categories and make up some questions, and let the games begin! You can charge an "entry" price for the night which will be donated to your campaign, and you could even have some prizes to raffle.

  • Ugly PJ's Party

We've all heard of the Ugly Sweater Party, but I now present to you, the Ugly PJ Party. Encourage your guests to wear their ugliest PJ's - maybe they have a pair of knitted bedsocks from grandma, or a rainbow jumper that's been hidden in a drawer since the 90's. Similar to the quiz night, charge everyone who attends an 'entry' fee for your campaign.

Do you have any other ideas for your fundraising campaign? Make sure you leave a comment on one of our social media platforms, so everyone else can be inspired too!