How Schools Can Show their Support This Pyjama Day

National Pyjama Day doesn't have to wait until July 23, Brisbane Bayside State College showed their support this week with a school-wide Pyjama Day. Knowing that there were students who are directly impacted by the foster care system in their school, the teachers and students were motivated to raise vital funds to support our Love of Learning Program.

Claire, a teacher at the school and organiser of the day, said...

"We wanted to do a Pyjama Day and then we wanted to find a charity that our student council thought was worthy of raising the funds of"

The College has a strong well-being program that is all about supporting student welfare. They spend 70 minutes each week focusing on this program and wanted their day to form part of that.

Brisbane Bayside College came up with a few excellent ideas to help get the most out of their Pyjama Day, which many other schools could also enjoy!

Presentation on Parade

The student council, who were very involved in organising the day, created a powerpoint presentation for their peers. The presentation included do's and don't's of the day in terms of dress code, their fundraising goal and some outfit inspo to get their peers excited!

Fashion Show

To help make the day even more fun, the students hosted a fashion parade at the school assembly. Oodies, dressing gowns, onesies and ugg boots were out in full force in the show. It was lots of fun, with teachers also getting involved!

Gold Coin Donations

Each student who wore pyjama-dress had to donate a gold coin. All funds raised from this would get donated directly to The Pyjama Foundation to help the school reach their fundraising goal.

We love that we can get nice and snuggly and warm and by raising money for kids in care makes us feel that way as well

- Claire, Brisbane Bayside State College

This could be your school too!

All you need to do is sign up via our website (see that pretty teal button on the top of the page!), create your fundraising page and then pick your favourite pair of PJs to wear! It's easy to show your support and make a real difference to the lives of children in care.