Let's Get Quizzical! Trivia Night Success

The team at Kennedy's Law Firm have hosted a virtual trivia night with their coworkers, raising over $1000 for The Pyjama Foundation.

As we start to get into the swing of our National Pyjama Day fundraising efforts, many people are looking for fun and innovative ideas for events.

The team from Kennedys law have come through with a super fun way to raise money for The Pyjama Foundation - a virtual trivia night!

Most of us have probably become familiar with virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom while working remotely over the past few weeks. Now that we've mastered the meeting room etiquette and figured out how to set our personal backgrounds to hide that messy home office, it's a perfect opportunity to bring Zoom out as a fun way to connect with our co-workers, friends and family!

Kennedys did just that on Thursday evening, inviting their team from both their Sydney and Melbourne offices to log in for the event. Everyone taking part 'purchased' their ticket by making a donation on their team's fundraising page, a great strategy for anyone else thinking of using this fundraising technique!

Ingrid and Beth, associates at Kennedys, said that not only did the trivia night serve to raise money for The Pyjama Foundation, it was also an opportunity to catch up with work mates outside the obligatory work calls.

She also poked fun at her co-workers "iso fashion" and "interesting facial hair adventures".

When it was alleged that lawyers were a particularly competitive group, Ingrid indicated that she had been instructed to plead “does not admit” on this count.

Despite the fun nature of this event, Ingrid highlighted the importance of supporting a cause that makes a big impact in any way possible.

"Through our research we learned that children in care in Australia are often left behind and have the lowest educational outcomes nationally," they told us. "This devastated us and we felt it was something that really could not be ignored."

"We truly admire the work The Pyjama Foundation and the Pyjama Angels do to bridge the educational and social opportunity gap for children in foster care."

Through this event, Kennedys raised over $1,000 for The Pyjama Foundation.

Have you organised an event for National Pyjama Day? Send us an email at communications@thepyjamafoundation.com and let us know what you're up to - if we love your idea you might even feature on our blog!