Pyjama Day Themed Digital Downloadables

It's hard to believe that over a year on, we are still facing the full force of COVID-19. With restrictions still very much a thing in most states across the country, many events have unfortunately, had to be cancelled or postponed.

Pyjamas, for many, are a working from home uniform or a weekend wardrobe staple so celebrating Pyjama Day from home only makes sense. Here are some ideas of how you can stay safe but still show your support to kids in care.

1) Play Kahoot!

Have each person in your chat create their own Kahoot game and take turns playing each others Kahoot game!

2) Pyjama Virtual Dinner Party

Food delivery services, like UberEats and DoorDash, have launched a new feature where you can order loved ones food. You and your friends could order another person food to their house and you could have dinner over Zoom!

3) Movie Night

Streaming service, Disney+ has a feature called 'Group Watch' where you can all watch the same movie at the same time! It doesn't get more fun than watching your favourite Disney movie in your pj's with your friends!

4) TikTok dance challenge

TikTok has so many fun dance challenges - there seems to be a new one popping up every day! Pop your PJ's on and bust a move. Make sure to tag @ThePyjamaFoundation and #InMyPJs - we want to see you get your boogie on!

5) PJ Zoom Meetings

Anyone else working from home have day pair of PJs and night pair of PJs? Us too! Have your office commit to wearing their PJs to all their virtual meetings on Pyjama Day. You'll be sure to strike up some important conversations about why you are helping kids in care.

Zoom Backgrounds

We have created these Pyjama Day themed Zoom backgrounds to spice up your virtual celebrations. Download any of these five backgrounds for free!

Click here to download.