Tips from a Teacher: How to Hold a Successful Fundraiser

Teachers and students at Toowoomba North State School will be dressing up in their favourite jammies for the second year in a row this National Pyjama Day. We asked Miss Genevieve Pearson to share her best tips for a successful fundraiser.

National Pyjama Day is fast approaching, with less than one month until the big day! We reached out to past participants at Toowoomba North State School for some tips on throwing a successful fundraiser, and Year 1 Teacher Genevieve Pearson had some great insights to share with us.

1. Keep the day fun!

National Pyjama Day raises money for vulnerable kids, and talking about the statistics and outcomes can be a bit bleak. However, National Pyjama Day is all about the hope we have for a better future, so it's important to keep the fundraiser FUN!

Miss Pearson said their school highlights the joy of the day, and getting the students involved focuses on the fun. She said that the students especially enjoy seeing their teachers in their pyjamas.

"The children think it's hilarious to see us wearing our pyjamas because they think we sleep here," she said.

2. Start a conversation

Wearing your PJs out and about is sure to turn a few heads and raise a few questions. This is super important for your fundraising efforts!

When people ask why you're wearing your pyjamas, see it as an opportunity to explain the meaning behind National Pyjama Day.

"When people have conversations, it opens doors for further fundraising opportunities," said Miss Pearson.

3. Connect with the cause

You're probably going to be questioned for wearing your PJs in the middle of the day. Make sure you have a heartfelt answer! People are much more likely to donate if they know that the cause is really important to you, and if they can connect with it on an emotional level themselves.

Miss Pearson said the cause behind National Pyjama Day was important to many teachers.

"While we do our best in the classroom everyday, we're very passionate about the need for that invaluable external support," she said.

"Children in out-of-home care have that extra challenge, and we have seen the benefits that come from having the support of the Pyjama Foundation."

Don't forget to register for National Pyjama Day to get involved with the fun. Sign up here.